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Moth Watch 2015


On 6th August 2015 a second “Moth Watch” was carried out in the wood conducted by BBC etc as a continuing part of our programme of wildlife monitoring by means of surveys. This is from the report from Bob Cox.

First and foremost, many thanks indeed, Andrew, to you and the Friends for having us back to Brandon Wood. You are all are doing a superb job in looking after this gem of a woodland, hats off to you all! It was great to have you along again too David, the heart and soul of the party as usual!!!

Despite only recording until 12:30am due to some serious ailments, general tiredness and work commitments, we managed to rack up a quite staggering list of some 80 species, including some great Warwickshire species among them!  The traps were so busy we had to abandon recording numbers in the end so I will submit what I have recorded as definite counts. The link to the list of species identified is below.

Moths Identified 2015