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Moth Watch 2014


On 1st June 2014 a “Moth Watch” was carried out in the wood conducted by BBC etc as part of our programme of wildlife monitoring by means of surveys.

These surveys are to be regular events carried out in order for us to measure the health of the woodland.

There are some “indicator species” which the experts will be keeping a special lookout for, as a measure of our success with our management work.

There was a lot of excitement when so many species were discovered, some of which are rare to Warwickshire.

These results are very encouraging and we are delighted with the findings of the group because they show that we are looking after a healthy and diverse ancient woodland.

The species names are indeed fascinating, and most give a good indication of the moths’ appearance – much easier to remember than Latin names.

Click on the list below to see the species held in the moth traps for identification, and woodland health indicator species are those in bold print.

Moths Identified